Sunday, September 7, 2014

Copic Ciao Skin Set Review

I have few of the Copic sketches but I wanted to go ahead and get the skin colors for my Copic collection but as we all know this markers are very pricey so I've decided to go ahead and get the Copic Ciaos which are a little more affordable and with a help of a coupon I got this set in a very reasonable price and it was worth every penny. Watch!!!

Spectrum Noir Awesome Customer Service

Spectrum Noir has been one of my markers choice to color my cards, ATC's and many more artful projects I have created in the past years. However recently I've ordered all of them, the old design and 2 of the markers came completely dry. I had no luck finding the refills so I've decided to contact them and then they have responded back immediately with a solution. Watch!!!

Vilda Stamps Design Team Happy Mail

Vilda Stamps have asked me again to stay with them for this year, my experience with them has been awesome and I love the stamps. I've created many projects with them specially cards and I absolutely love them. So in return they send me back happy mail for the incoming months and so far the stamps have done a great job to beautify my work. Thank you for your support and years to come!

How To Make A Baby Shower Card for a Girl

This card was commissioned for a person that need it a baby shower card for a girl. I used very simple and easy elements to create this card please watch the video. Sorry for the late post.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tim Holtz Tag of 2014 - April

WOW!!! I almost didn't make it for this one but here it is my Tim Holtz Tag of April, awesome techniques had a lot of fun and allot of improvising as usual. I hope you like it as much as I do!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vilda Stamps DT Project - Butterflies ATC

For VildaStamps this month I've created an ATC with these beautiful butterflies rubber stamp that you can found in their website. With a Mixed Media feel I've created an environment that has also 3D butterflies. I've also use on the back the one of the ATC stamp that VildaStamps have to offer, I rely on this stamp for my ATC Swaps all the time and they look stunning. Love it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How To Make a Mixed Media Assemblage Box

I love making this type of projects, was very fun to create something different. I was very inspired after I did the Mini Matchbox from Tim Holtz so I though making something a little bigger. This is what they call a Mixed Media Assemblage Box, I found a jewelry box size 3.75x3.75 in perfect for my project.

I've gathered metal and paper embellishments from different designers, I had a World Map on my paper stash and work with it to cover the box, then I've made some Tim Holtz Rosetes to make them like a support to the picture and that work beautifully. The last step was to create a collage with all my embellishments and make a cool Steampunk Mini Shadow box.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tim Holtz Tag of 2014 - March

Here I am again with Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2014 for the month of March. Like usual this project had to be the most challenging tag so far, everything that he used I don't have so I had to manage to get as close but not exactly as his work. I put allot of though into this tag and I'm glad I liked the end result, hopefully you will too.

How To Use Tim Holtz Matchbox Die

Tim Holtz Matchbox Die is very cool to be creative in many ways, in this video I will show you how to assemble the box and use it as a Mini Shadow Box with a Steampunk Style. So far this is my favorite Die from my arsenal, absolutely love it!

How Do I Make a Baby Shower Card

I've made a video on how I make a card, something that I haven't showed in detail before. I have done many videos like this and you seem to enjoy them. Hope you like it!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vilda Stamps DT Project - Lucky Chaplin

Here is my Lucky charm for this month, I’ve created a St. Patric's card with Charlie Chaplin V702. I’m very inspire by this month Holiday and I’ve gave Chaplin that Irish look even altering his hat to a tall hat with a clover on. I definitely love this stamp and love to use it in my projects.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tim Holtz Tag of 2014 - February

Tim Holtz Tag of 2014 - February awesome experience and lot of improvising but in came out nice. I use allot of diferent things to create this tag but overall I feel good about how it came out. I love Tim's Tag wonderful Distress Techniques were used and I learned form it.

The Altered Gold Leaf Pot

I've altered a small pod with acrylics, Mod Podge and Gold Leaf, very cool. This was very fun to do cause I used different media, it was my first time using Gold Leaf and the results are stunning how you can altered something looking vintage in a minute. Awesome experience :)

Vilda Stamps DT Project - Steampunk Skull

Time for this month VildaStamps project February of 2014, I've been so busy lately is not even funny and that is why I was a little late posting this, I hope you like :)

More Valentines/Friendship Cards

I've made a couple of cards for Valentine/Frienship, using Spellbinders Dies has open a new world for me when creating cards. I absolutely love the outcome of the hard work I've implemented on my designs. If you would like to have one of these cards please visit my Etsy Store TatteredRoses41:

Spellbinders Spiral Blossom One Tutorial

I don't know if in this blogg I have mentioned how awesome Spellbinders products are, so this is one of them. You can make beautiful paper flowers and absolutely love them!!!

Star Wars Hand Made Cards

Being a Star Wars Fan I had to make something related, the experience was awesome cause I got to use allot of different die cuts to make the shapes and finally assemble the characters. I did Yoda and Princess Leia and the are absolutely adorable however Yoda got allot of attention over at Etsy.

I hope you like my cards and if you are a Star Wars fan like me let me know in the comment section.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tim Holtz Tag of 2014 - January

Well is that first Tag of the year, and I've finally finished my project. It took me forever to accomplished the task but I've manage to improvise very well here, I think. This is Tim Holtz Tags of 2014 you can always visit his site and see how he created his Tag of January 2014.

My techniques are explained on the video and I really like the way my tag looks, very Steampunk and cool.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Well I came across this site to see if I can expand my social media experience with my blog, I found it interesting so here it is.

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Vilda Stamps DT Project - Snowman Candy Cane

Well this was the project of past December 2013 for I've created a nice card with their stamps and let my creativity fly. I've use my Spectrum Noir Markers and some of my Copics to color this beautiful Snowman. 

You can visit my post on their blog click here.

Christmas Cards Series I - 2013

I've decided that I will go big this year 2014  on card making for my Etsy store, making Hand Made Cards. The Christmas Series of 2013 was fun and challenging since it was the first time I've really focus on making very nice cards with new dies and elements I've gathered through out the year.

If you would like to buy one of my cards please visit are affordable and you will put a smile on someones face :)

So this will be Series I

How I Did Christmas Ornaments for Christmas of 2013

Hello everyone, my Christmas 2013 is absolutely creative and fun. I've came up with some cool ideas to create nice ornaments for my new Christmas Tree that a friend of mine gave to me as a gift. 

My problem was that the new tree was bigger and I need it more ornaments and since I didn't want to spend to much money I though it would be great to do my own ornaments with the supplies I've had around in my stash. So here are some of my videos that I did past Christmas 2013.

How I Store My Tim Holtz Dies

My Tim Holtz Die collection is growing by the minute so I had to figure out on how to store them, so I thought sharing with you this process will help you if you are in the same situation. This is the way I find to store my Tim Holtz dies that I absolutely treasure.

Swap-Bot ATC First Swap

I've joined is my first attempt on an ATC swap with this site. Will keep you informed on how it goes. But so far I'm having fun making ATC's.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tim Holtz Tags of 2013 All Togehter - Happy New Year 2014

Today is the first day of 2014 so far is all good. New resolutions, new experiences to look for and a new journey of creativity. Here are all my Tim Holtz Tags for 2013 all together, they are all beautiful and full of color. I've learn so much form doing this tags that I can't wait to see what Tim will do for 2014. I hope you like them!