Thursday, December 17, 2015

Organizing Dies in a Pegboard

If you are a crafter and love dies like I do storing them can be overwhelming, if you don't have the appropriate space. After moving to a new space and finally set up my little studio they way I like it, I've struggle having my dies organize and stored. 

After some research and having the urge to have my studio clean and neat, I've decided I would go with pegboards to resolve half of the problem with storing my dies. I usually keep my big Sizzix dies in boxes but my main problem were the wafer dies, thinlits dies and movers and shapers dies like Spellbinders, Memorybox etc. So I went to Home Depot and got myself some plastic black pegboards and metal hooks, the reason I bought these type of pegboard is because I thought it would be nice than the regular tipical white pegboard. 

After finding the right spot to install all these boards I've finally have my dies organize and neat, great solution for a die lover.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Found Another Fairy Door

I think someone move in to my room, new fairy door found!!!

Drawing Journal

Having a Drawing Journal is very cool, you can always go back to see the work you have achieved. I feel pretty good when I can keep my drawings with me and show tem to people if they like to see them. Remember practice makes perfect :D

ATC Display

I did this ATC display for an event and it was an attraction to people, I've been working on ATC's for a while, some where filmed some where not filmed however is been a nice work behind the scenes cause I love to draw where ever I go if I have the time. Hope you like them :)

ATC and a Card for Vildastamps Design Team Projects

Hi everyone, sorry for the lateness of these projects to be on a video but here they are. This are the projects for Vildastamps Design Team for February and March. Hope you like them.

Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Tablet Setup and Demo

I explain here how my Wacom Intuos tablet is setup and a cool drawing with the drawing tablet and Sketchbook Pro. Enjoy!!!

USPS and Hello Stickers With Copic Markers

These are Stickers or better called Slaps that I've made with USPS and Hello labels, they are colored with Copic Markers and Spectrum Noirs, the colors are very bright and cool and you can use them as stickers :)

Cards I've Made That You Never Have Seen

Well here are cards that I've made through out the end of last ear that you haven't seen, the ones I did for Christmas I've given to special people so they are gone but I have pictures in my Instgram  or my Pinterest  if you want to check them out. If you want to get one of these cards please visit my Etsy Store  Enjoy!

Copic Certified

This was the most fun class I've been in years, learned new techniques and met new people. Was very surprised to be instructed by Colleen Schaan Education Director from Copic.

Awesome experience!!!!

Vilda Stamps Design Team Projects

I've been absent for a while in my blog but here we go with past projects I did.

These were done the past couple of months for I did some ATC's and it was fun.