Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mixed Media Assemblage Box Mini Cabinet

This project I've made a while back probably like 2 years ago, so I was never pleased with the end results. So because I have new products and embellishments I thought I'll revamp the Assemblage Box and I love it. I hope you like it, I enjoy very much this type of projects, makes me happy 😁💗

Watercolor Brushes The Start

Starting with water color is fun and really not that expensive the more you get into it the more quality supplies you will like to get eventually. In this video I'm showing some brushes that are not super expensive and that will help you start with your water coloring.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Well today is that day where you gather with family and be thankful for having health and wonderful people around you. I have to thank everyone that has follow me through out social media and this particular blog, it's been a wonderful journey. To my direct family for being there for me and for having patience when it's need it. And last but not least, to the person that has stand next to me every day and loves me for who I am. all those things combine makes me a stronger person and keeps me going, for that I'm grateful. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy life!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Watercolor Travelogue Sketchbook

WOW! I've been missing in action, I know but believe me this year has been crazier than ever. With a hunt for a job and having to work allot I've barely have time to do my Art and Crafts which is sad. But any who this is what I did a little while back when I've got into water coloring.

I'm getting more into water coloring and drawing more so maybe this is a good opportunity for me to enhance my art by using a media I've haven't use in years. I have the love and enthusiasm for drawing and this is what I really like to do, having the right media for this study is great cause I can be free to draw and color in a fun and awesome way. This is my sketchbook for water coloring and sketch things I see when I'm out exploring the World so hopefully you will like it :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Princess Leia is Among Stars

I'm very sad about the news of Carrie Fisher passing away yesterday Dec 27, 2016. Being a Star Wars fan for so so long watching this true heroin of Hollywood for so many years was an amazing childhood experience. Ironically I was watching yesterday Episode VI cause I been watching all the movies again since I've seen Rogue One this past Dec 24, 2016 when I've read the news on someone posting on Instagram that she passed away, even though I knew  a couple of days before that she had a massive heart attack and was hospitalize with a very delicate condition.

I've grew up watching these movies specially the first 3 movies that George Lucas made back in the late 70's and the 80's, he gave life to a beautiful Princess named Leia Skywalker and from then history was done. Her come back on the Force Awakens movie gave me chills it was just perfect and the right timing for it, not to mention the cool and stunning Leia in Rogue One that gave me more chills. We will see her one more time, according to what I've read Carrie Fisher will be performing as Princess Leia in the Episode VIII she was able to finish at least that part of the story this year.

This Princess will be forever in my heart, even though the character was a strong young women with a strong passion for Leading the Rebel Alliance and bring peace to the Galaxy and a history that follow the Skywalker's Carrie Fisher had a very struggled real life, now she is at peace between stars and reunited with actor Kenny Baker who role was R2-D2 two souls that were together in the movies and now in the stars.

RIP beautiful Princess, Made The Force be With You...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

BB-8 With Kuretaki Watercolor

I've went in to the adventure of making something that I really like which is Star Wars, being that they just recently release Rogue One I've decide to draw and paint BB-8 with Kuretake Water Color paints and I love it!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Watercolor Fox with Kuretaki Gansai Tambi and Crayons

I haven't water color in while and I'm loving it more and more everyday, in this video I've sketched a fox and color it with watercolor pencils and my new Kuretaki Gansai Tambi  12 water color set, after allot of research and some knowledge I've decided that this was a good set to start back on water coloring. How ever I've shown you how I've been working with Distress markers and now I got a new set of Spectrum Noir Aqua that I'm looking forward to start with. But coloring with the Kuretaki has been a great a experience so far, can't wait to show you more of my illustrations and art.

I've also dedicated this video to a fox I came across here in YouTube making some research on how to color a fox, this cute fox passed away a few months ago. His name was Ron Ron and I can't express how cute this animal was. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Check Me Out on Periscope

I've Periscope in the past but I want to focus more on what I do with my Art using social media, is hard to get out there and show the World what you can do, but I have lots of confidence that you like short films where is just fun and simple. Here I will be talking about new water color brushes I've got and the difference between them. If you would like to see short Periscope videos about my art and crafts follow me on twitter @EmeralDQueen

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Vintage Happy New Year 2017 ATC Swap!

My last swap called Vintage Christmas was a total success, so I've open a new swap over at again for the end of the year 2017.  This time I'm doing the announcement early on the blog so you can be part of a fun experience. If you would like to participate follow the link and let's start creating a beautiful Vintage Happy New Year 2017 ATC, hope to see you there!

Swap-bot swap: Vintaje Happy New Year 2017 ATC

Snowman Card with Copic Markers

This was a very fun card to make with my Copic Markers that I haven't touch in while, I always forget how much fun is coloring with these markers I need to do more videos like this.