Monday, February 27, 2012

Digital Drawing

I spend all weekend learning how to use my Wacom Tablet properly, I've had this tablet for quite a while now but I never really pay attention to it as I should have. I remember along time ago when this Bamboo Tablets came out that I really wanted one so bad, but work and life got me so busy that my time was short to learn how to use this wonderful tablet. One day I saw them again at the store and just got one, but the poor tablet has been sitting there doing nothing.

So the other day I started looking at the possibilities with it and I was like really impress with others people work that they have done with this tablet. So I really sat down and got my hand on it, this is all new to me. When I was very young the only things that I had to draw or color with were a pencil, color pencils and paper. I was fascinated with coloring so soon I was enrolled in a Art Academy, this was only the beginning way back then. Anyway drawing on a tablet and the computer is a different story, but I manage by starting with some sketches. I have learn so much and I totally love it, is whole different ball game but my knowledge on Photoshop is advance and it was not hard for me to understand what I need it to do. What is hard to do is getting use to the Wacom Pencil and Tablet, I've find my self for some reason putting allot of pressure on my hand and makes allot of tension. I'm also out of practice, I haven't draw in a long time so bare with me. I really enjoy this so much and I want to get better at it, is been a long time since I haven't done work like this and sculpting has been another big thing now for me. I just need to get use to it, so here is my work for the weekend.

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