Monday, August 27, 2012

Alice - Now You See Him, Now you Don't

Oh wow I was late for this one, I just finished today uh well...It's ok cause I had allot of fun making this project that The Altered Alice was hosting.

My idea was to make like a flip card but it looks more like a flip banner display, I used allot of different materials and make this fun project. Distress Markers were the one I've used to colors my images a video is on the work. Enjoy :)

Now You see Him, Now You Don't!


  1. Thanks for *almost* playing along with The Altered Alice, LOL! Love your swing card project! You would have been an honorable mention for sure, it is delightful! Join us next month, just a bit earlier!

    1. Hi Lynne yes I *almost* made it, but I will next time. Thanks for stopping by :)


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