Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My First Copic Marker!

Going back to drawing makes me happy, that was my favorite thing when I was younger. I finally took the insane step to get my first Copic Marker and is the 100 Black. OMG! Do I love the feeling of drawing with this wonderful marker. Being an Artist and a Graphic Designer this is a dream come true.

I've created a profile at you can check it here EmeraldQueen Copic Profile has some of my drawings and Copic Markers I own and also you can get me some if you want lol :)

Anyway after trying out these markers, it was not that long that I got a set and began what I called the Copic Journey. I've been dying to have these markers along time ago but the prize stop me from getting them, but now I've hop into the Train of Copic, oh oh! Anyway the set is a called Bold Primaries I've figured that if I start with the primary colors and start building from there I will have the colors to blend and play with. The whole collection of Copic is 350 markers which translate into allot of money, but is a good investment nevertheless so I don't regret spending every penny for them. I always get them on sale from eBay which is the best place to find them in a reasonable prize.

Once again thanks for reading and enjoy the videos :)

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