Thursday, December 17, 2015

Organizing Dies in a Pegboard

If you are a crafter and love dies like I do storing them can be overwhelming, if you don't have the appropriate space. After moving to a new space and finally set up my little studio they way I like it, I've struggle having my dies organize and stored. 

After some research and having the urge to have my studio clean and neat, I've decided I would go with pegboards to resolve half of the problem with storing my dies. I usually keep my big Sizzix dies in boxes but my main problem were the wafer dies, thinlits dies and movers and shapers dies like Spellbinders, Memorybox etc. So I went to Home Depot and got myself some plastic black pegboards and metal hooks, the reason I bought these type of pegboard is because I thought it would be nice than the regular tipical white pegboard. 

After finding the right spot to install all these boards I've finally have my dies organize and neat, great solution for a die lover.

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