Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Princess Leia is Among Stars

I'm very sad about the news of Carrie Fisher passing away yesterday Dec 27, 2016. Being a Star Wars fan for so so long watching this true heroin of Hollywood for so many years was an amazing childhood experience. Ironically I was watching yesterday Episode VI cause I been watching all the movies again since I've seen Rogue One this past Dec 24, 2016 when I've read the news on someone posting on Instagram that she passed away, even though I knew  a couple of days before that she had a massive heart attack and was hospitalize with a very delicate condition.

I've grew up watching these movies specially the first 3 movies that George Lucas made back in the late 70's and the 80's, he gave life to a beautiful Princess named Leia Skywalker and from then history was done. Her come back on the Force Awakens movie gave me chills it was just perfect and the right timing for it, not to mention the cool and stunning Leia in Rogue One that gave me more chills. We will see her one more time, according to what I've read Carrie Fisher will be performing as Princess Leia in the Episode VIII she was able to finish at least that part of the story this year.

This Princess will be forever in my heart, even though the character was a strong young women with a strong passion for Leading the Rebel Alliance and bring peace to the Galaxy and a history that follow the Skywalker's Carrie Fisher had a very struggled real life, now she is at peace between stars and reunited with actor Kenny Baker who role was R2-D2 two souls that were together in the movies and now in the stars.

RIP beautiful Princess, Made The Force be With You...

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