Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Name for Blog, Etsy and eBay Stores

Hello everyone, I would like to announce that I have made changes to the Blog and Online Stores. I have decided that from now on my blog will be name and title TatteredRoses41 I have change the links from the Blog as well if you need to update your links that will be now

The Etsy Online Store has been changed as well the name before was SkyrimBox and I've  changed the name to TattredRoses41 so now it will be and I will be uploading new items.

My eBay store also has been changed too it was DQ Perolitos and now is called TatteredRoses41 you can visit my eBay Store at I have some items for sale and probably will be uploading more soon.

I'm happy with the new name I've chosen, I been wanting to do this for quite a while cause it makes it more professional this way.

Thanks for all your support and comeback soon!!!

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