Friday, June 22, 2012

Tando Creative June Challenge - Fabric

So here is my Fabric challenge that Tando Creative has post it on their blog. This was definitely a challenge cause I've never had work with fabric this way so I had to push my creativity to the ma to create something nice.

So recently I'v got a stack of pretty paper and some of that paper was fabric so with my new Bi Shot all I did is cut some Tags and create a beautiful car. I hope you like lit :)


  1. This is very pretty, love those hearts. Thanks for making this for the Tando challenge.

    1. Hi Kaz, this was a challenge to me cause I have never work with fabric this way. IT was a cool experience :)

  2. what a cute card and loving the hearts cut out with the big shot...glad that we offered you the chance to try and work with something outside your comfort zone. Thank You for joining us at Tando Challenges.

  3. Thanks you Carol, it was fun the hearts look beautiful. Thank you for your nice comments I'm glad to participate at Tando Creative :)


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