Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gloria's 39th Year Old Birthday Card Challenge Giveaway

I've recently subscribe to this wonderful lady that makes Cricut Cards her name is Gloria, I found it very interesting cause is a different way of making cards with a marvolous machine that makes wonderful paper cuts. 

I knew about the Cricut because of my friend Phillipian, she has one and everytime she gets a chance she will send me lots of paper cuts with diferent shapes and forms. I have done allot of cards and I really like it, however I don't know why for me this is a challenge. Every time I hit my Art desk to create a card is like I have no clue where to start until things start happening. That is why I participate in diferent blogs to learn how to make a beautiful card and subscribe to other channels that make Cricut cards.

This is my attempt too create a beautiful card for Gloria, her Birthday is right at the corner. I hope you like it!

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