Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How To Use Home Made Alcohol Ink

A year ago made a video about Alcohol Ink Home Made Tutorial and successfully this is the number one video on My YouTube Channel with 11,171 to date while I'm writing this blog. I've never thought that my video will be so viewed by other people that is wanting to make their own ink to create Art.

The reason I've made my own ink is because I wanted Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks so badly but they are very high on prize were I live, and every time I had the opportunity to get them I end up getting something else for some reason. But don't get me wrong I really want them badly still :( ...So I went ahead and made my own ink and it works, not as cool as Tim's but it works. So the video basically explained how to make your own ink an you can watch that video on the link I've provided at the beginning of this blog.

So then, after watching the video and reading the comments, I've decided to make a second part explaing how to use them and with what paper etc. So here is the video and I hope you enjoy.

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